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find out the hard way. here's diana avillar. >> reporter: toyota's delay in reporting mechanism problems already cost the cost $64 million, the largest fine ever for an automaker, maximum under american law. >> it's gone on record saying they wish they could fine toyota more. >> reporter: according to a letter from the national transportation safety board, a second fine may be assessed. based on documents that show toyota knew of two separate defects related to acceleration. in all, ntsa said they would have levied a fine of nearly $14 billion had it been allowed. experts say the tough talk from washington is a sign that lax standards will not be tolerated. >> toyota once was considered an invincible brand. clearly have take an fall here. i think a lot of other automakers are going to pay a lot more attention to any issues that come up. any customers reporting problems. >> reporter: however, the fallout from this safety crisis may not be as bad as once thought. march sales were much better than expected. a result analysts credit to aggressive price slashing and incentives. toyot
. this is brought to you by toyota. to get the facts and the information, go to >>> now, it's time for manic monday. >> manic monday in fell's point. well, we're doing greet, this is brought to you by mr. basement. before i introduce the group, a few quick announcements. we want to send our condolences out to al isala, a friend to thousands in the area and we extend our sympathies to his wife and the family. also, i had jury duty friday. literally hundreds of people came up to me to say hello to you in the studios. and a shout out to all of the people at the courthouse to you guys. >> did you do a clint eastwood in "hanger,m high. >> if you were an attorney, would you pick me? >> maybe. well, case closed. >> the team maryland transplant athletes. we thank you for coming down, we have people from all over. towson and columbia and district heights. what's your name. >> george. >> george, we thank you for coming down. >> i'm latrese. >> tell us about the athletes. >> it's a group of transplant recipients and they compete in athletic events and for the first time, we have 35 athletes g
this time of year. >> still to come, a worker at toyota risks his job sending a letter to the company's president warning about possible safety problems. hear how the company responded coming up next. i've been growing algae for 35 years. most people try to get rid of algae, and we're trying to grow it. the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red, golden, green. algae could be converted into biofuels... that we could someday run our cars on. in using algae to form biofuels, we're not competing with the food supply. and they absorb co2, so they help solve the greenhouse problem, as well. we're making a big commitment to finding out... just how much algae can help to meet... the fuel demands of the world. if it's not there are over 50 international awards we'd better give back. the jaguar xf. the critically acclaimed result of a very different way of thinking. i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to
it could be cloudy and cool on saturday, but nice. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers-- moving you forward. >> the national had a good weekend. >> yes, they want it to out of three. the mets are playing the phillies this afternoon. it is a big difference. hamill's throws a fastball. he gets a lot of it. it was 1-0 nationals. the police carried a lot of momentum from the weekend. -- the phillies carried a lot of momentum from the weekend. they went on to beat washington this afternoon, 7-4. there was a lot of buzz about the minor league debut of a picture yesterday. he was blowing smoke. he got his first win as a major league baseball player. for hockey fans, the caps had the day of they will be back thursday night. today, their coach said the canadians are a tough opponent. >> they have played as a very tight. they're very competitive against thus. montreal is an emotional team and they are going to lift their game up. >> for golf fans, the final round of the masters was the third highest rated master's ever. tiger had a number one and two, but then came
. >> thank you for having me. >>> after a couple rough months, toyota is trying to get back on track. but new problems are popping up like pot holes almost daily. so many of you drive toyotas out there and you want to hear the latest and meet a company whistle blower. that's next. but don't worry. he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet starts with a clean pad every time. and its antibacterial cleaner kills bacteria mops can spread around. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. ♪ lovely lady [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ so, doctor... so, doc, i've been... i've been thinking... no. you know how... no. so, doc, i've got this friend... [ male announcer ]
to get to some business news this morning, some new troubles for toyota, it looks like, state farm is asking the auto maketory repay them for claims it paid for the crashes related to the acceleration problems. you can imagine if other insurance companies follow suit, it could end up costing toyota a bundle. let's get to jenna lee, she's got more. >> reporter: this is happening more frequently than we thought. i got off the phone with state farm insurance, they cleared up this report in usa today which basically says there have been accidents involving the toyota with a state farm customer, and what happens is now that state farm already paid to cover that accident they're going back to toyota and saying this isn't the fault of the driver, you guys owe us money because it wasn't the driver's fault, it was a problem with your car and this massive recall that's going on, so state farm insurance says yeah, that's true, we're looking into toyota but that's happened with multiple insurance companies, with multiple different auto companies as well. there's constantly the back and forth b
up, more trouble for toyota. who is coming after the automaker? >> international outrage after it tennessee woman sends her adopted son back to russia. it tennessee woman sends her adopted son back to russia. here's what you should be watching: your cable bill, because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone, for just $69.99 a month for six months -- three top-rated services for one rock-bottom price. but don't wait, this is your last chance. fios gives you what cable doesn't: the best channel lineup and the most hd, facebook and twitter on your tv, plus america's top-rated internet. fios is the future, but after april 17th this price will be history. get fios tv, internet and phone for just $69.99 a month for six months with a two-year agreement. call now. if you stick with cable, you'll be stuck with the bill. last chance to get three fios services for an amazing $69.99 a month for six months. call 1-888-884-fios. that's 1-888-884-fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities
or firefighters. >>> more trouble for toyota tonight. "the new york times" reports federal regulators are deciding whether the company should pay more for failing to give timely notice of acceleration problems. according to a letter to toyota a second fine may be assessed. the "times" says that is based on documents that show the company knew of two separate defects related to acceleration. toyota has until april 19th to appeal that fine. >>> a developing story now out of cancun, mexico. new questions in the murder of a tv reality producer's wife in a luxury resort in mexico. prosecutors are calling on the former "survivor" producer, bruce beresford, redman, the prime suspect. it's believed she was strangled and dumped in a sewer. outside of a popular brazilian restaurant she owned. >> the memories are here. >> hotel guests report hearing the couple fighting in the hours before police believe she was killed. friends and family members say she recently had an affair and his wife found out about it. they say the two went to the posh mexican resort to repair the damage to their damage. bruce redman h
to about 10%. >>> u.s. safety officials are saying just so you know, they could have fined toyota more than $13 billion. meaning that's how much the fine could have been if there hadn't been a cap on that. the law does cap the fines of 16 million, you may remember that federal officials, the nhtsa, did fine toyota $16 million. a lot less, $16 billion, though, they're saying is what it could have been. now the agency is also saying it's considering a second fine because, according to it, it says there were two separate defects in gas pedals. toyota says it has taken steps to improve communication so it wouldn't be on the hook for that fine, susan. basically what they said was, they found out about it. they're supposed to tell the government five days. they waited two months is what the government says happened. >> all righty. jen, thank you for that. appreciate it. >>> if you've done it lately, you know moving can be a pain, a chore. but it can be even more daunting for older folks. stephanie elam tells us about a company that takes the heavy lifting out of the process in this "small busines
,000 will lose their benefits every week until the program is renewed. >>> toyota could be facing another hefty fine. u.s. regulators are considering slapping the automaker with another penalty on top of last week's $16.4 million fine. meanwhile, a judicial panel has chosen an l.a. court to hear dozens of lawsuits filed against the company. >>> passengers complained less about airlines last year, but there were also fewer people flying. government statistics show planes were more likely to land on time and bags less likely to get lost. the improvements, though, come as crash-strapped carriers reduce flight schedules and charge for everything from bags and pillows to prime spots in boarding lines. >>> and today kfc is making history. the chicken chain will unveil its double down. that's a sandwich made without bread as you see. instead, two chicken filets will hold together bacon, cheese and the colonel's special sauce. it only has around 500 calories, but comes with enough salt and fat for an entire day. and i think people on the atkins diet have been making versions of that for a long time. >>
de una pausa a la vuelta según algunos empleados la toyota cayó por años los desespeperfectos de sus automóv la recuperación económica del país podría extenderse hasta el año próximo volvemos. . >>> hoy es conoció que decdraek directivos conocían los problemas de sus vie aquels y lo callaron empleados revelaron que sabían del problema y un indicó haber escrito una carta a sus jefes sin recibir respuesta la recuperación de la economía continúa lenta y se extenderá hasta el próximo arn las tres cuartas partes de economistas dicen que por esto la reserva federal deberá mantener hasta el final de este mes los intereses bancarios cerca a 0. indicó que hab diferencias entre los continentes en lo que es refiere a la recuperación. miles de prisioneros amotinados en cárceles salvadoreñas sus quejas múltiples el mayor de ellos tiene que ver con el hacinamiento el gobierno ha reaccionado con cautela veamos... . >>> casi so mil presidía ríos amotinados en los penales para exigir mejoras en las condiciones y el trato que reciben, aquí habemos gente que pagas lo que no deb
the disease. >>> federal regulators are considering a second fine against toyota for failing to notify the government about defective accelerators in a timely manner. they say because the accelerator pedals involved in the recall exhibited two separate defects, two separate remedies may be necessary. toyota has already been fined a record $16.4 million. >>> senator charles schumer's taking aim at airlines charging a fee for carry-on luggage calling the idea a slap in the face to travelers. the new york lawmaker is asking the treasury department to rule that carry-ons are a travel necessity which would make them exempt from extra fees. schumer says if the treasury department fails to act, he plans to introduce legislation. he thinks people have to take their medicine, that sort of thing, it's sort of crucial they're allowed to take big carry-ons. >> it could set a precedent if this goes forward. spirit no less. >> people are going to start shoving stuff under the seat now, it will be a mess. >>> here's your monday forecast. another stormy day out west. heavy rain from l.a. to sacramento
are looking to expand in the area. that could add up to billions of dollars. >>> toyota will be making its case in los angeles. a panel with will hear dozens of cases filed against the lawmaker. >>> new york senator is saying if the treasury department will not close a loophole allowing airlines to charge for care eon bags he will push congress to do it. last week, spirit announced charging $45 for carry on baggage. k >>> in the news at 5:39. demonstrators today to protest police overseas. it also scared investigators. >>> a french exlorer has become the first person to fly solo across the north pole in a hot air balloon. he was the first person to cross the arctic on foot. bad weather moved the landing site from alaska to russia. >>> the coalition to about chain dogs has started operating in the washington area. the group says that tethered dogs are more likely to injury themselves and bite others. >>> there is a new calorie- laden offering at a fat food chain. larry, we just had the carpets cleaned. that was the pizza guy! and baby, he was messy. come on. you said you bought a digiorno.
going up against toyota in court haven't had an easy time. the automaker engaged in questionable, and deceptive tactics when it was sued. they said it doesn't have the information it is required to turnover and sometimes ignored court orders to produce key documents. >>> as we first reported last week spirit airline wants to charge you for carry on bags starting in august, as much as $45 each way. today a senator said he will urge government regulators to stop fees for carry on bags. . >>> spirit airlines carry on fee won't apply to personal items, that fit under the seat sot airline said it'll add measuring devices to determine which bags deserve to pay that fee. >>> many go to church ready to give money but one church they are giving it away. attending may have felt more like contestants on a game show. kyle shows us this unique offering. >> this is church. it looks more like a rock concert than what you might picture. it's definitely eccentric blend of people. bikers, tattoos rockers, young couples, seniors, the pastor. it doesn't hurt he and the church are give away free 1,0
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somebody in a black toyota truck is going to drive by and throw acid in their faces as they are young girls going to school. you know, that's the kind of stuff that gets me excited. >> clearly, we've gone through the situation in a country where i think there's a lot of discussion right now about our role in afghanistan. and that wasn't even true a couple years ago. it seems to me there was a lot of division in iraq whether we should be there or not. but there is a fair amount of unanimity that afghanistan was the right war, that just work on the place where we should've been bipartisanship on that issue. and yet in the lead up to president obama's decision in december of last year and in the months since it seen as boylan today. what do you attribute the change to? >> a lack of understanding of what the real problem is. it is not wars and politics by other means. what americans have to come to grips that is that war equals also political change and there are certain parts of our society that use violence and chaos to create that change, but that's not what this problem is about. step back
their eyes because somebody in a black toyota truck is going to drive by and through acid in their face because they are young girls going to school. that is the kind of stuff, that gets me hot. >> we've gone through this situation in the country where i think there's a lot of discussion right now about our role in afghanistan and that wasn't even through a couple of years ago. it seems to me there was a lot of division about iraq whether we should be there or not but that there was a fair amount of unanimity that afghanistan was the right war, the just war, the place we should have been by partisanship on that issue and yet in the lead up to president obama's decision in december of last year and in the months since we've seen this kind of debate. what do you attribute the change to? >> lack of understanding of what the problem is that it's not war, politics by other means, that americans have to come to grips with is that wars -- war equals also political change and there are certain parts of society that use violence and chaos to create change but that is not with this problem is abo
crimen. y varios obreros de una fabrica toyota en japón habían alertados de los posibles desperfectos en vehículos hace 6 años un grupo de trabajadores envío su preocupación porque los recortes en materiales y mano de obra no calificada podrían afectar la cacalidad de autos. >>> adopciones de niños rusos por parte de estadounidenses podrían estar en la cuerda floja luego que una mujer de tennessee devolvió a un pequeña a rusia. >>> vamos a una pausa más adelante un indígena quiere impedir sude portación porque dice que es discriminado en su país verán lo que dijo rebeca de alba, sobre lo declaración de ricky martin. vme y con 7 votos en su contra bárbara moro continúa en nuestra belleza latina. la presentadora rebeca de alba, como saben todos hace 7 a nos fue novia de ricky martin habló sobre el anuncio de ricky martin. >>> esto fue lo que reveló a un periódico en tijuana, esto sí mantiene que el romance fue real y no un truco como se rumoró por muchos años vamos a escuchar lo que dijo rebeca de alba. >>> yo no sabía, no, no sabía, cuando era su novia porque mien
for the next two years and home prices will remain flat for the next two years. >> more trouble for toyota. another fine from the federal government. courtney regan joins us now live with more on this story. >> yes toyota may be facing additional fines on top of that $16.4 million imposed by the government last week for taking too long for notifying regulators. the ntsb may seek more penalties because toyota said the pedals had two separate defects. it's costing more to fill up your car. regular unleaded up four cents to national average of $2.85. analysts say retailers are passing on more of the costs of higher price oil to consumers. a school in michigan is putting its money where its mouth is. lansing community college is so convinced that there are jobs that it's offering a money back guarantee. if you show good faith effort and still can't find a full time job within a year of graduating you will get a refund. >> lansing admissions will go up? >> you would think so. >> courtney regan, thank you. >>> 6:51 right now. storm center 4 is where we fine chuck bell with the sort of forecast w
on youtube. toyota. nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪ made with real fruit and now with more... of the whole grains your body needs. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. >>> this morning on "today's" consumer, sleeping your way to better health with the perfect mattress. finding the right bed at the right price could have you tossing and turning. consumer reports senior product editor todd marks has the advice for us this morning on how to fit your style and budget. good morning. >> good morning. >> you say it's one of the most popular topic s in consumer reports. >> aside from car. >> you don't rate mattresses like television and cars. why not? >> people are furious at us sometimes. >> give me the number one. >> we hear that all the time. the problem is, there is no magic bullet. there's no best mattress type, firmness level for anybody. it's what you find most comfortable. >> people find that hard to accept. >> it is but the good news is we've durability tested mattresses for years. they're all apt to stand up unless you buy an el cheapo. you might find a
. they actually give 18% of the money to the cubs, but the cubs wanted to put up this toyota sign, this big toyota sign and the rooftop owners wouldn't have anything to do with it. of course i have to have some props this morning. that includes the little nachos in a big helmet. the cubs doing their part to promote obesity in this country. right here you have the full nachos in here in the real helmet and the bison -- don't know if they're going to take it but the bison hot dog for $5.50 by tom rickets' ranch, the new owner of the cubs in wyoming. let me take a quick bite because it's required. okay. very lean like bison. it has more omega 3s than salmon and the leanest of the meats. >> does it taste like a hot dog? >> reporter: yeah, it does. they've done a really nice job. and it does taste very lean and good. throughout the day we'll be here and have the new owner of the cubs tom rickets. do i have mustard on me? tom rickets on squawk on the street. he'll talk about the whole business and how the $845 million business -- that bet will pay off. >> did i hear you correctly? you said they've redon
insurance has become the first to sue toyota for claims paid on crashes caused by faulty acceleration pedals. other insurance companies are expected to follow suit. repaying the insurance industry could cost toyota up to $30 million. >>> right now the crews board discovery and the international space station are getting much needed rest because tomorrow is their third and final space walk. it took the astronauts nearly 7 1/2 hours yesterday to install a new ammonia tank after a bolt apparently gave them a little trouble. stay tuned to fox all day because astronaut also take that live walk -- where they're going to talk live from the iss, 11:30 a.m. eastern time. >> brian: it was home to america's team for nearly 40 years. that little hole in the roof. now there is a big hole in the ground. just yesterday texas stadium was imploded and brought down to rubble. >> who pushed the button to detonate that? who did that? an 11-year-old boy, casey rogers, won a contest for that and he's here with us. good morning, casey. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> okay. now, casey, you have your own c
. state farm insurance asking toyota to restate for crashes related to the acceleration of its cars. it's possible other companies could follow state farm's lead. something to think about when you send in your tax return this week. thursday is the day, right? the 15th? i think so. anyway, sometime this week. next year things could be even worse. that's because the obama administration is count on tax increases to fill the budget deficit hole. at a time when polls show americans think they are getting taxed too much. 66% of those polls say that americans think they are overtaxed. only one out of four says no. what does the new tax increase do to your wallet? exactly what's change when it comes to taxing the american people? >> reporter: the national debt is expected to more than double in the next decade so the search is on for more revenues. the first big move comes at end of this year when president obama intends to end tax cuts for the wealthy. and keep others some people cheer. >> we can't afford to continue the tax cuts for the people at the very top. >> reporter: president obama in
're hearing me inside your toyota and just know that my prayers are with you when the accelerator -- >> all right, i'm moving on. >> just know, i'm going to -- >> you were doing so well. >>> moving on to this story now. we've been talking about it all morning. last thursday a tennessee woman sent her 7-year-old adopted son back to russia. >> it happens. >> now, with him, she sent a note that read, i no longer wish to parent this child. the story has drawn outrage from the united states and from around the world with some russian officials calling for a suspension of all adoptions to the u.s. nbc's ron allen reports on this hard to believe story. >> reporter: thousands of miles from tennessee, after ten hours alone on a flight, 7-year-old justin is being kar ining cared russian hospital. the outpour calling what the mother did cruelty. she paid a tour guide $200 to meet the boy at the airport after sending him back. at the orphanage where she met the boy, the staffer remembers a happy mother and son, beginning a new life together six months ago. but now the boy tells his caretakers that whil
. exporters like toyota and canon enjoyed a favorable session. meanwhile, electric electronics maker sharp says it will boost lcd television output this year perhaps by a significant amount. the company met all its sales targets for 2009 and foresees demand rising sharply, not only in japan, bus also in china and elsewhere. sharp also announced it will release the world's first 3-d television with four base display colors which will account for 5% to 10% of the lineup in the first year. in other news, honda is developing an emission-free electric motorbike, featuring a toshiba lithium ion battery. the ecobike, likely to debut in december is a single seater similar to a 50 cc scooter and will run around 30 kilometers per charge. honda plans to release the model in the domestic market where it will likely be priced around 500,000 yen or $5,000. and that was the nikkei business report for today, back to you. >> interesting. ken moriyasu from the nikkei. thank you. >>> and christine, talks between u.s. airways and united are reportedly revolving around an all-stock deal. reports say united wou
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